Menifest your desire with our smart resources in the Apps developing sector.
Having more than 11 glorious years of experience in the Apps solutions, we are tailor made now. Superior value and Nationwide service is our genuine aim and we aspire for creating and developing Apps which will give you more comfort on the move.
Here at Maverick Technology, we fullfill straightaway the user's demands & specific objectives through husstle free and smooth development culture.

Android- Mobile Apps Development

Mavrick Technology is one of the leading Android Mobile Apps Development Company in india & across. We have developed 50+ Apps on the go and always give the concrete choice for every Application.

iOS- Mobile Apps Development

At Mavrick Technology, we have developed almost 25+ ready-to-go iOS operating Mobile Apps which is running effectively right now in India & across.

MAC Apps Development

We have created numerous MAC Apps as per user's current demand and utility.


Software Development

We build high quality software to make your business effortless. We are India-based, experience-rich team & leading software development company.

Digital Marketing

Now a days, it is very important to promote your business Digitally and thus we provide you various resources and have great experience in Digital Marketing conering SEO, Social Media Promotions.

Why Choose Us
Apps Solutions & Development Company, India
Fun in your Hand, Solution in your Pocket' is our ultimate motto for the users.

Maverick Technology is a global IT company with a proven track record of excellence in software-consulting, outsourcing and digital solutions. Having worked for more than a decade, we have gained unparalleled experience and developed comprehensive capabilities & expertise across a wide variety of functions and industries.

We partner with companies to fulfill their ever evolving IT needs and support their business with our enabling solutions. Our team of professional constantly work to create personalized, end-to-end solutions to serve the dynamic requirements of our clients.
Efficiency Consultation
It is astounding how rarely we truly maximize the use of our technology tools. Our team will guide you towards confidently utilizing every feature our platform provides.
Unlimit yourself with privacy, efficiency and flexibility.
Maverick Technology was designed to address challenges faced when utilizing a variety of other cloud and server based file sharing programs and platforms.
  • Eliminate the need to use email attachments
  • Maintain absolute control of who can access and modify files and folders
  • Protect organization folder and file structure while sharing with multiple team members
  • Share with people outside company and provide folder structure
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